04 May 2012

A Bit of Progress on Seasons Winter

After the Xmas quilt top finish I set back to stitching Seasons Winter.  I find this piece so amazing and unlike anything I have ever stitched.  If you look at the stitching up close -- like you were the stitcher -- the colors seems off and the facial features don't really seem to exist.  Then, at a distance it becomes a breathtaking beauty.  Fascinating!

23 April 2012

Christmas Chaos Quilt Top Compete

The Christmas Chaos aka Christmas Potpourri Quilt top is done!!  We were amazed how the borders calmed it down.  I have no idea how it will be quilted … or when.  For now, I am happy that the top is complete and I can take it off the design wall and cross it off of my 2012 stitching goal list.

18 April 2012

Christmas Chaos ... All Twelve Blocks!!

Christmas Potpourri Block 12

  Christmas Potpourri - All Twelve Blocks

Wow!  Words escape me ... busy, crazy, scary....

The Christmas Potpourri quilt top blocks are about done.  The are two borders -- first a scrappy sawtooth border, then a scrappy block border.  The sawtooth border was designed to be part of the block construction but I wanted to wait until all the blocks were stitched so that there would be more variety in the placement of the half-square triangles.

15 April 2012

Chaos Continues with Block 11

Christmas Chaos - Block 11

This is block 11 from the Christmas Potpourri BOM.  It is the only block in this project that I have had serious problems putting together -- in fact, in 15 years of quilt making this block was the most trouble.  There is a minor error in the directions but other than that, I'm not sure what went wrong.  The little log cabin should be the center of a star but after three attempts I gave in to the scrap bag.  Even then, it didn't go as I had envisioned.  

This is perfect example of my favorite quilting/crafting blurb -- finished is better than perfect.... block 11 is finished!!

13 April 2012

The move is made ... all because of ....

Yeah!  You found my new blog location.  Why did I move??  Do you see the incredibly awesome clock on the left ... I really like it.   Since Wordpress won't allow those types of links I switched.   

I have a lot to do to get the new blog equipped with snazzy gadgets and counters and menus!

Switching from Wordpress to Blogger

There are some nice features on blogger that I will be trying out ... not sure if I want to make the switch.  Time to play!

The week with Seasons Winter

Seasons Winter at 15%

This past week, my stitching time was spent with Seasons Winter and I am very pleased with the piece.  As always, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but I love having her face nearly finished.

Much of my stitching time was spent with goodies that will be going onto ebay -- again.  I continue to try to get my "resource center" from spread all over the house to one or two closets.  If you are looking for interesting stitching, I have decided to sell my Special Projects (Kay Montclare of World In Stitches) and Sue Lentz kits.  There will (hopefully) be about 10 items each week -- all needlework realted -- sampler kits and charts, yarn, Bucilla felt kits, quilt fabric and various needlework supplies.

I have another blog that links pics to my ebay sales and you can find it at jbf auctions -- hope you find something you love!